Unsprung Rally at Nova Motorcycles

So excited to have this event report from the new "Unsprung Rally" that Nova Motorcycles has put together. All the best parts of a Moto Giro (think small bore back roads timed enduro) but allowing motorcycles of all ages and sizes. Certainly a recipe for a good time. Read on and see for yourself...

Words: Erika Karl photos: Jason Howell

Last weekend, I was able to get up to Nova Motorcycles in Turners Falls, MA. They were celebrating the 1st anniversary of their vintage motorcycle shop in their new location with a Moto Giro style event, the Unsprung Motorcycle Road Rally. Since this would be my first competition of this type, I wasn’t 100 percent sure what to expect of the roads, but I did know it would be a timed event. According to their site http://unsprungmoto.com, The Unsprung Motorcycle Road Rally is a friendly competition where regularity, endurance, and riding skill, not speed are rewarded. There were two road courses, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with a catered lunch break in between. Each course had an assigned start and stop time, which the goal is to arrive as close to the assigned stop time as possible. Going too fast would be penalized as would going too slow. Before and after each road course were a timed agility courses, each one getting more difficult than the last one. In these courses I noticed the smaller the bike, the easier it seemed. However, going too fast through the course would also be penalized. There was a written time for how long you had to complete the obstacle course.

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