Summer Moto Giro – Rhode Island July 25, 2015

Summer Moto Giro – Rhode Island  July 25, 2015

The USCRA is thrilled to announce it will be conducting a one-day AMA sanctioned Motogiro to coincide with the FIM Observed Trials Championships in West Greenwich, Rhode Island on July 25, 2015. The Giro will have the typical format of a great ride for small displacement pre 1968 motorcycles coupled with a nice lunch and the requisite timed ability tests throughout the day. The event will end at the Stepping Stone Ranch in West Greenwich, Rhode Island, site of the two-day FIM International Observed Trials.  Your entry fee will include a ticket to the Trials event on Sunday. For a small additional fee, there will be a special Motogiro camping area set aside at the Trials for those desiring to camp at the event. Abundant free parking will be available at the Giro start and finish or vans and trailers. The Motogiro start will be a short 8 miles from the rides eventual end at the Stepping Stone Ranch. This will allow an easy return to tow vehicles that may be left at the start.

The Rhode Island Trials Club and its event organizers are thrilled to be hosting our Giro finishing at their event. They will be setting aside a special secure parking area for our finish and final ability test.

If you have never seen a world class observed trials event, before, you will be in for some really great entertainment and mind-blowing demonstrations of motorcycle gymnastics.

Since the Motogiro is a one-day event and is without the typical base hotel/ headquarters, it is a limited entry with a tight registration time frame. Final rider sign in will take place on a limited basis Friday night and on the morning of the event.

The Giro route is being laid out by Mitch Frazier and his crew who have ridden many of our past Motogiro events.  They are intimately familiar with what makes great riding for our vintage bikes and will set the course winding through both Rhode Island and Connecticut.

We look forward to seeing all there for this unique combination of events.

Check out the website for the FIM World Observed Trials, their schedule for the weekend and additional information for the area lodging..


The following is a partial list of area motels and campground other than at the Trials site that are near the start and Trials location. Keep in mind that the Trials will be expecting a very large spectator turnout so area lodging will be limited.

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