Moto Steve’s ‘Hurricane Giro’

So what is this Moto Giro event you hear folks talking about? Well, it's based on the the classic motorcycle events of the past like the grand Moto Giro D'Italia. Think of it as a sort of timed on-road (mostly) enduro for pre-1968 bikes from 50-305cc these events take place on some of the finest back country roads you can find and this is sure to be no different. So, have an old tiddler in the garage aching to get some miles on? This is the event for you.


The following is from the organizers website:

and I think it really sums up the vibe well. Read on:

The following stories are from Sir Doug Boughton as he tries to explain that a Giro is not a Race….
Two stories that occurred at Giros where I was the director.
Story One: At one Giro, we had a woman put up barrels on a town road and block it off, a comical melee ensued as competitors zipped around her and the barrels to stay on course, and she could only block one bike at a time. The sidecars had to find other routes. She had apparently called the Po-Po and a trooper showed up and told her that she couldn’t block a public road. She says to the trooper, “But they were racing!” Now probably the rally leaders did come through a bit hotter than they should have, but at this point it was the end of the peloton coming through. And as she’s saying this to the trooper, a beat up little 125 Guzzi 2stroke comes smoking and gasping up the hill towards them. The trooper looks at her and says, “Is he racing?”


Story Two: we were out of Jiminy and as I set up the routes, I warned everyone that ” 15 mph means 15mph! Let’s all say that together” , so we repeated the mantra a few times, and then I said, ” Be sure to wave at everyone, it will defuse Any potential problems” , and that does work like a charm, a cute old bike goes by with the guy on it looking like he’s heading for a lobster eating contest, and he smiles and gives you a wave, as does this entire pentathlon as it passes ( people catch on and get out the lawn chairs to watch and wave, some even make signs saying ” We love the MotoGizo” ).


At any rate, they’re off and they have to climb Petersburg pass, time check, they come back down, hang a right on dirt, big climb, left on pavement where you can sail back down again and as they come down, here’s two cute little kids with huge smiles waving at everyone like crazy, so everyone smiles and waves back, completely miss the 15 Mph sign just before the hairpin, fly off the road, over a ditch and onto some guys lawn right in front of his house, skid across his driveway trying to stop, then drive back out his driveway and back onto the road. It happened to around a dozen or so, one of our riders high sided and broke his collarbone. I’m sure these weren’t the first vehicles on this guy’s lawn, but I’d bet he never got that many in one day. I’ll also bet that was one of the funniest days those kids ever had after they saw the first guy go off; like the squirrels and the station wagon in that TV ad.

So there you have it. For more info and registration forms visit:–hurricane-giro-2016.html



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    Steve Mauk is the organizer. He is a great guy and puts on a first class event.

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