The Legend of Joe Leonard

Joe Leonard is the only American racer to win National Championships in both Motorcycles and Cars.
Joe was the first AMA Grand National Champion (1954); he won 27 National races and two more AMA Grand National Championships (56-57), including winning Daytona back to back,(57-58) and he still is the speed record holder for the beach circuit.
Joe is a seven-time Peoria Champion; he set an AMA record by winning 8 Grand Nationals in one year, a record that stood till 1986, before moving on to car racing.
He raced in USAC Dirt SPRINTS winning the Pacific Coast Championship; was NASCAR Rookie of the year in 1963; Third at Indy in 1967; Indianapolis 500 pole position in 1968; USAC Indy Car National Champion back to back 1971-1972. Joe raced in the USAC Championship Indy Car series in the 1964-1974 seasons, with 98 career starts, including the 1965-1973 Indianapolis 500; He finished in the top ten 60 times, and is a Multiple Triple Crown winner. Mr. Joe Leonard is The American Racing Legend.

Words and Music by Lorin Guy
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