Barker Estate Motorcycle Auction

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barker estate motorcycle auction

From the J. Wood & Co. Auctioneers

Auctioneer’s note, a word about Bob:

“Bob Barker was a motorcycle racer and engineer. He owned and raced many of the bikes in this collection since they were new or close to it. Bob and his wife, Marrie, were living in California when he was hired by Can-Am Motorcycle Division to help develop their new line of competition motorcycles. They moved to Canada to do this work. The next move was to Gainsville, Florida, which afforded them a good proving ground for the machines as motocross competition was plentiful and held year round. They enjoyed much success with Can Am and when the program ended the equipment was sold to Bob. This is an excellent opportunity to get quality machine and fabrication equipment that has history too.

Bob and Marrie were part of the founders of the organization which became AHRMA (American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association). They enjoyed many years in the racing community and were loved. Bob worked closely with many racers and experienced much success.



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